Fueling the
AI Revolution

We are on a mission to change the trajectory of compute efficiency to help alleviate overall DC TCO challenges.
Three-dimensional building blocks appear on screen.

d-Matrix is building the most computationally efficient and disruptive platform for AI inference targeting workloads across broad datacenter verticals, from hyperscale cloud DC compute to microscale edge DC compute.

As the Transformer Revolution gathers pace across a broad class of language, speech, text and vision use cases, compute requirements are growing exponentially leading to OPEX and CAPEX challenges for DC operators.

Search, Information Extraction and Retrieval, Text Classification, Content Understanding and Moderation, Social Media Analysis, Recommendations, Metaverse AI

Cloud Use Case

Document Processing, Retail Catalog Extraction, Record Analysis, Chatbots & Personal Assistants, Spam Filtering, Automation

Enterprise Use Case

Voice Enabled Search, Metaverse AI, QA Systems, Localized Search

5G Use Case

Capturing AI Services Opportunity Demands
Breaking AI Barrier

Use Case
Productivity tools, search,
Use Case
Voice enabled search
(100 Billion voice commands
in 2020)
Use Case
Automation and digitization
(400m+ businesses)
Three line illustrations of icebergs meant to represent the current status and potential in Cloud, 5G, and Enterprise markets.
98% of unharnessed data = $30TR* in untapped equity value,
$15TR** in economic impact.
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