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Locations: Silicon Valley / Sydney / Bengaluru

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At d-Matrix, we are focused on unleashing the potential of generative AI to power the transformation of technology. We are at the forefront of software and hardware innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Our culture is one of respect and collaboration.

We value humility and believe in direct communication. Our team is inclusive, and our differing perspectives allow for better solutions. We are seeking individuals passionate about tackling challenges and are driven by execution.  Ready to come find your playground? Together, we can help shape the endless possibilities of AI. 


Hi there! Just graduated from Stanford with an MS in Computational and Mathematical Engineering and am a Machine Learning Research Engineer. My first encounter with d-Matrix was in 2022, where I worked as a summer intern. I fell in love with the company and decided to come back! I’m currently working on tools that support quantization for large models. I really like what I am doing as I’m applying the knowledge and skills acquired from school and am continuously learning new things from the industry. One of the best things about the company is that there are lots of talented and experienced professionals. They use the latest cutting-edge technologies and are passionate to share what they know, so I am learning a lot. The company structure is flat, and you may find yourself talking or having lunch with the CEO and CTO, mingling with colleagues from different departments, and even going to the investors to present the latest updates. d-Matrix also has a research encouraging atmosphere where you can always propose research topics and work on your area of interest. There are of course a lot of other benefits, such as the option to work remotely, snacks and beverages, team building activities, etc. Come and find out yourself!


The most fulfilling aspect of working at d-Matrix is that the technology we are developing will enable our customers to do things that would be prohibitively expensive otherwise. Imagine every web search being powered by generative AI; every document / slide deck creation powered by thousands of generative AI invocations; this is the future d-Matrix enables. It is extremely exciting to be part of this mission. Also, our people and culture are something that I am very proud of. The company is being built with a culture of respect for everyone and everyone’s time. At the same time, every co-worker is an expert in her/his field, bringing expertise and operating at a very high standard, all the while being respectful to teammates.


Our Benefits

Competitive pay and equity
Health care
Flexible time-off
Paid paternity leave
401k retirement plan
Remote & hybrid working model
Work with world-leading engineers and researchers
Peer coaching & development
Team-building activities
Happy hours
Free food and snacks
On-site fitness center

Come and transform with us.